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Our liveaboard safari boat M/V sea of Fantasy 1 go out for either 4 days/4 Nights (14 dives) or 3 days/3 nights (10 dives). We take scuba divers, snorkelers and passenger to a MAXIMUM OF 15 GUESTS. Our 4 days/4 nights trips are the most popular but if you don’t have the time our 3 days/3 nights trips are excellent as well.

4 days/4 nights go out at evening time and come back on day 4 early afternoon and the same goes for 3 days/3 nights except you come back on the early afternoon of the 3rd day.

We gather our guests from both Khao Lak and from Phuket on the boat at Tap Lamu Pier close to Khao Lak where we show you your cabin and the rest of the boat. When all guests have arrived we have a leaving ceremony for good luck on the trip and a buffet dinner in our lounge area. We set up our scuba equipment, introduce our staff and divide the dive teams for the first dive the following morning at The Similan Islands.

Well-fed and on our way to The Similan Islands we socialize and get acquainted with each other on our first evening together on M/V Sea of Fantasy 1 – our home for the whole safari. The first morning you will wake up with a beautiful view of the white beaches of The Similan Islands away from stress and noise on some of the most beautiful tropical Islands in Thailand – 60 km of the nice beaches of Khao Lak.

A light breakfast with fresh coffee to wake you up is served before we give our extensive dive briefing for our first dive together. Here your guide will go through all safety procedures, hand signals, buddy teams and a give a thorough description of the dive site including what you might see in the clear blue waters of The Similan Islands.

After the dive we serve a full breakfast with eggs, bacon, cold cuts, fresh bread, salad and fruit. All prepared by our chef while you enjoyed the first dive at The Similan Islands.

Time to relax and enjoy all the comfort of M/V Sea of Fantasy 1. Work on your sun tan, relax in your air con cabin, socialize with the other guests and staff, go for a swim or do some snorkelling if we are not moving to a further location. We have long surface intervals to gas off and get more bottom time for the following dives.

½ an hour before the second dive of the day we gather the dive teams again for a briefing on the next dive site. If we have discovered differences in skills and air consumption we might rearrange the dive teams to give all the best value of your dives. As on all dives our very skilled captain will drop you right on the decent point and you will on all dives be picked up where you surface – no surface swims on M/V Sea of Fantasy 1.

Lunch is served after 2nd dive and is again prepared fresh for you by our chef. A mix of warm Thai and International dishes are on our buffet for all meals served in our specious lounge area. If you have special needs our chef will make something to your liking with a smile.

½ an hour before 3rd dive we gather again for a briefing on our next exiting dive site.

Another relaxing surface interval with a light afternoon snack prepared while you were down exploring before our 4th and last dive of the day where we dive into the sunset or wait for the dark and do a night dive all depending on conditions and your preferences. Lots of time to relax and enjoy all the comfort of M/V Sea of Fantasy 1. This is also the time of day where most of the snorkelers and day trip divers have left The Similan Islands so if we are in the right areas this is where we go and explore the Islands or just go and relax on the powder white sand of these beautiful tropical Islands.

The following days we follow the same recipe all over again – only on some of the other amazing dive sites around Similan and Surin National Marine Parks. Except for our last day where we do 2 dives and return to Khao Lak in the early afternoon to transfer you back to your hotel in either Khao Lak or Phuket after a great experience on M/V sea of Fantasy 1. This is the best way to dive The Similan and Surin Islands.

We do NOT provide you with a full schedule of the dive sites we visit on our trips. We are all divers here at Eden Divers and want the best diving possible for our guests so we pick THE BEST SPOT OF THE DAY according to conditions and sighting reports from the different dive sites out there. If there is something spectacular out there we will find it so our schedule is not according to a plan but according to conditions and from this kind of planning we usually find more cool stuff than other boats out there who HAVE to follow a fixed schedule.

Eden Divers Team

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